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Dean Koontz / Дин Кунц. Mr. Murder / Мистер Убийца (Audiobook / Аудиокнига)
Подобно разрушительному торнадо врывается в жизнь преуспевающего писателя-детективщика Марти Стиллуотера неизвестно откуда объявившийся таинственный двойник. Вместе им тесно на Земле. Начинается смертельная схватка, исход которой кажется легко предсказуем, ведь противник литератора — вышедший из под контроля биоробот-убийца.
Удастся ли человеку отстоять свое право на жизнь в этой жестокой игре?

This story has two intervening plots occurring throughout. One of an assassin who is a clone of Marty Stillwater and the story of the actual Marty Stillwater.
Bestselling mystery writer Marty Stillwater was recording himself one day when he realized that he was saying "I need..." repeatedly. When he went back to see what he had been saying before he found out he had been saying "I need" for over 7 minutes. Marty was tense that whole day, when he put the kids to bed though he calmed down considerably and was finally consoled.
Meanwhile, the Killer was roaming the streets before his job, when he went into a bar and went with a prostitute to a motel and slept with her but soon after became angry because he felt dirty, and murdered her. Then proceeded to his job. He kills his targets and goes to the hotel he is staying. That night, being restless, he leaves his itenary and goes towards Topeka. Suddenly, he starts saying:
“ "I need... to be... I need to be... I need to be..." As the suburbs and finally the dark prairie flash past on both sides, excitement builds steadily in him. He trembles on the brink of an insight that, he senses, will change his life. "I need to be... to be... I need to be someone." At once he understands the meaning of what he has said. By "to be someone," he does not mean what another man might intend to say with those same three words; he does not mean that he needs to be someone famous or rich or important. Just someone. Someone with a real name. Just an ordinary Joe, as they used to say in the movies of the forties.
Название: Mr. Murder / Мистер Убийца (Audiobook / Аудиокнига)
Автор: Dean Koontz / Дин Кунц
Издательство: Penguin Audio
Исполнитель: Jay O. Sanders
Язык: English
Год издания: 2010
Формат: Mp3, 128 kbps
Размер: 782 Mb

Просмотры: 619
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