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Martin   Hewings  -  English Pronunciation in Use - Advanced  (Аудиокнига)
Курс разбит на 60 юнитов, охватывающих все аспекты произношения: отработка отдельных звуков, правильного ударения в словах, темпа речи и интонации в предложениях.

Каждый юнит сопровождается аудио-материалами на CD. Большое количество материалов озвучено носителями языка с разными акцентами. Структура юнитов построена по стандартной схеме книг серии "In Use": информация дается на левой странице разворота, на правой странице приводятся упражнения. В конце книги приводится дополнительная справочная информация: ключи с ответами, заключительные тесты по материалам всего курса, словарь специализированных терминов.

The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for self-study or classroom work.
Sixty easy-to-use units cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and intonation. Each unit is supported by audio material in range of accents, available on audio CD. An additional reference section offers a glossary of specialized terms, help with the pronunciation of numbers and geographical names and fun exercises on phonemic symbols and minimal pairs.

The CD-ROM provides a wide variety of additional interactive activities to reinforce the pronunciation covered in the book, as well as tests, progress checks, games and animated diagrams of the mouth showing learners how to produce individual sounds. Students can also record themselves and compare their pronunciation with one of the many models provided.

Acknowledgements 5
About this book 6
Section A Getting started
1 Accents (1 ): Varieties of English 8
2 Accents (2): English as an international language 10
3 Finding out about pronunciation (1): dictionaries 12
4 Finding out about pronunciation (2): online resources 14
5 Pronunciation in slow and fast speech (1) 16
6 Pronunciation in slow and fast speech (2) 18
Section В Pronunciation of words and phrases

Consonant clusters
7 play, grow, splash Consonant clusters at the beginning of words 20
8 jump, next, glimpsed Consonant clusters at the end of words 22
9 abstract, next Friday Consonant clusters within and across words 24
Stress in words and phrases
10 ,controversial and controVERsial Word stress and prominence 26
11 'comfort and 'comfortable Suffxes and word stress (1) 28
12 ac'celerate and ac,cele'ration Suffxes and word stress (2) 30
13 ex'treme and ex'tremity Suffxes and word stress (3) 32
14 dis'organised and ,recon'sider Prefxes and word stress (1) 34
15 'subway and 'superpower Prefxes and word stress (2) 36
16 'news,paper and ,absolute 'zero Stress in compound nouns 38
17 'hair-,raising and ,hard-'working Stress in compound adjectives and in abbreviations 40
1 8 ,closed-circuit 'television and 'sell-by date Stress in longer compound nouns 42
1 9 'dream of and 'live for One-stress phrasal verbs 44
20 ,hang a'round and ,look 'up to Two-stress phrasal verbs 46
Stressed and unstressed syllables
21 some, the, from, ete. Weak forms of function words 48
22 Well, YOU do it then! Prominent function words 50
23 calcu/u/late and calcu/;/late Vowels in unstressed syllables in content words 52
24 listen, bottle, politician, etc. Syllabic consonants 54
Foreign words
25 deja vu, angst, tsunami Foreign words in English 56
Section С Pronunciation in conversation

Features of fluent speech
26 one^evening, stopwnow, go^away, ete. Linking sounds 58
27 I'll get it, These're mine Contracted forms 60
28 Im not sure, Not sure, 'm not sure Ellipsis and 'near ellipsis' 62
2 9 lasi night, I haven'i seen her Leaving out consonant sounds (1): /t/ 64
30 an old car, a bottle o? water Leaving out consonant sounds (2): /d/, /h/, /1/, /v/ 66
31 average, novelist, happening Words that lose a syllable 68
Organising information in conversation
32 II we stuck a picturell of an elephantI Breaking speech into units 70
33 II It's BLUElI DARK bluell Prominent words in speech units (1) 72
34 II I've always been terrifed of SPIders! Prominent words in speech units (2) 74
35 II I'll beLIEVE it when I SEE itI Fixed phrases and idioms in speech units 76
36 she's got an ESSay to write Non-prominence on fnal 'empty' content words 78
37 I can't STAND the stuff Non-prominence on fnal vague expressions 80
38 Just help yourSELF; Throw it to ME Prominence in refexive and 82 personal pronouns
Intonation in telling. asking and answering
39 I'm quite busy В at the moment Q Falling and rising tones 84
40 They taste great В, these biscuits Ш Tails 86
41 Great flm B, wasn't it I? Question tags 88
42 What I don't understand S3 is how it got there В Cleft sentences 90
43 Finding out or making sure? Questions (1) 92
44 Wasn't it terrible I? Are you crazy I? Questions (2) 94
45 'I paid €200,000 for it.' 'How much I?' Repeat questions 96
46 Although I was tired (3, I couldn't get to sleep В Comparisons and contrasts 98
47 'You were asleep in the class!' 'I .WASn't asleep B. Contradictions 100
48 You couldn't carry it upSTAIRS for me B? Requests and reservation 102
49 On the whole БЭ, it went very well Attitude words and phrases (1) 104
50 She just forgot, presumably I? Attitude words and phrases (2) 106
51 How embarrassing 1! Exclamations 108
Intonation in managing conversation
52 Mhm, Right, I see Keeping conversation going 110
53 On top of that ... S3; Anyway ... В Adding information and 112 changing topic
Section D Pronunciation in formal settings
54 Before she left schooV she started her own business Dividing prepared 114 speech into units (1)
55 One of the paintingsll he lef to his sister Dividing prepared speech 116 into units (2)
56 Lima - as I'm sure you know ШШ - is the capital of Peru Pronunciation 118 of inserts
57 We expected profts to drop, but they Щ rose Step-ups - contrasts and 120 new topics
58 The headteacher, Mr Щ Lee, will be talking to parents Step-downs - adding 122 information and ending topics
59 Small, medium, and large Tones in a series of similar items 124
60 'Politicians are the same all over .. .' Level tone in quoting and 126 building suspense
Section E Reference
E1 The phonemic alphabet: Practice 128
E2 Consonant clusters: Further practice 132
E3 Word stress: further practice 136
E4 Clossary 140
E5 further reading 143
Key 144
Key to phonemic and other symbols 192
English Pronunciation in Use (Advanced)

Название: English Pronunciation in Use - Advanced
Автор: Martin Hewings
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Эту книгу озвучил: профессиональная озвучка
Год выпуска: 2007
Жанр: Обучение языков
Аудио кодек: mp3
Битрейт аудио: 192 kbps
Продолжительность: 03:23:00
Качество: Отличное
Размер: 177.82 Мб
Язык: Английский

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