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Ravin Judy - Lose Your Accent in 28 days

Автор:Ravin Judy
Название: Lose Your Accent in 28 days
Издательство: Language Success Press
Год: 2004
Формат: ISO, PDF, МР3
Размер: 247МВ
Очень хороший курс по изучению английского языка. Благодаря данному курсу Вы больше никогда не спросите - "Что вы сказали???"
Lose Your Accent in 28 Days™ is the powerful, proven system that will help you lose your foreign accent in weeks — not months or years. Practice 30 minutes a day for 4 weeks and greatly improve your pronunciation. No more being asked to repeat yourself! No more being asked, "What did you say?"
Discover the system preferred by faculty and students at America's most prestigious universities — including Cornell, UC Berkeley, Middlebury, University of Michigan, and University of Southern California. Learn from the system in use at BERLITZ — the world's premier language school!
Lose Your Accent in 28 Days™ features an interactive CD-ROM that shows you exactly how to pronounce EVERY vowel and consonant through hundreds of video clips (with versions now available for both Windows & Macintosh). The Audio CD includes over 70 minutes of material on rhythm, stress, and everyday speech patterns. The Workbook offers 80 techniques for better pronunciation. In all, you'll learn from 956 guided examples.
Why do people choose this system over the others?
* Most accent reduction training systems have audio only. It is very helpful to see the instructor's mouth so you know how to position your own mouth to make the sounds correctly.
* Systems that use a video-cassette or DVD do not allow you the incredible flexibility of being able to click with your mouse on the sounds you need to practice...and click over and over again until you've mastered the target sound.
* Many systems are complicated and difficult to use. After a few chapters, many people just give up in frustration. Lose Your Accent in 28 Days™ is clear and user-friendly so you look forward to studying every day.
* Lose Your Accent in 28 Days™ also helps you master new vocabulary as you go. The system includes a handy idioms glossary definining every idiom used in the book.

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