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Dynamic Characters

Издательство: 3Dtotal.com Ltd
Автор3Dtotal.com Ltd
Название:Dynamic Characters
Год: 2010
Формат: PDF
Размер: 41 Mb
Количество страниц:48

This eBook aims to show some of the methods and processes used to design and develop characters from initial thumbnail sketches through to a final concept. The series will be divided into five parts and will focus on the general design methods commonly used by character artists. It will begin with quick sketching techniques used to suggest ideas and develop a theme before moving onto creating variations once a subject is established. The third instalment will culminate in a finished concept design, after which we will move onto the importance of posing your character and the impact this has on their personality. The series will conclude with a chapter dedicated to choosing suitable eye levels and camera views to best convey an emotional state or emphasise a storyline.


Chapter 1 - Thumbs & Silhouettes
Chapter 2 - Visual Brainstorming – Variations on a Theme
Chapter 3 - Speed Painting & Concept Design
Chapter 4 - Dynamic & Exaggerated Poses
Chapter 5 - Camera Placement, Framing, Fore-shortening & Distortion


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