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Top 10 for Men: Over 250 Lists That Matter
Автор: Russell Ash
Название: Top 10 for Men: Over 250 Lists That Matter
Издательство: Hamlyn
Год: 2008
Страниц: 288
ISBN: 060061817X
Формат: PDF
Размер: 9.14 Мб
Язык: English
Качество: хорошее

It's a fact that men love lists: with lists, men can find the most interesting information with the least amount of effort. This book contains over 250 lists covering the most important subjects in life - cars, sports, barbecues, gadgets - and answers the most vital questions: Are Ferraris faster than Lamborghinis? What's the most common murder weapon? Who was the fattest Prime Minister? Which city has the highest proportion of women to men? and, What's the most alcholic beer in the world? No matter what your chosen subject may be, "Top 10 for Men" is a must for every pub-trivia king.
Reviews for Top 10 of Everything 2008: "A must for fact fans" - Daily Mirror "Dazzle friends with knowledge from this gem" - Heat "Fulfilling in its desire to present 10 of everything, whereas Guiness makes do with one" - The Times


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