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RAF Wattisham - A Pictorial History

Название: RAF Wattisham - A Pictorial History
Издательство: Ad Hoc Publications
Год: 2008
Страниц: 99
Формат: pdf
Размер: 67 mb
Язык: English
Dave's book has taken nearly two years of careful research and it shows. He has managed to amass a selection of historic photographs, many from private colection's that have never been published before along with first hand accounts from many veterans of the airfield's long and colourful history. The RAF's first bombing raid of WWII was carried out from here, as was the very last USAAF 8th Air Force victory of the war. Post war Wattisham was a frontline RAF fighter station and the final Phantom's in UK service also flew from here. The base is now home to the Army Air Corps frontline Apache attack helicopter squadrons, one of which is always forward deployed to Afghanistan at any one time. One correction to above, as the book is only published in softback. Thoughly recommended but I am rather biased, as the airfield is my local as well.

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