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Field notes from the Russian front

Название: Field notes from the Russian front
Автор: Stanley Washburn
Издательство: London. A. Melrose, ltd.
Страниц: 402
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Год: 1915
Язык: английский

Contemporary accounts of the Russian army's campaigns on the Eastern Front during the Great War are few and far between. "Field Notes from the Russian Front" contains an extensive series of dispatches penned by the Times newspaper's 'special correspondent', American Stanley Washburn, whilst he was attached to the Tsar's army. The accounts focus on the Russian army during the autumn of 1914 and the winter of 1914/15, including the assault on Lemberg, the conquest of Galicia, Warsaw, and the two German invasions of Poland. The author's style is never less than lively and personal, although he is always careful to describe the wider context in which the events he was witnessing occurred. He frequently found himself virtually on the front line, and his descriptions of a number of the Eastern Front battlefields are outstanding. The text is accompanied by over 50 photographs. 2 further volumes of Eastern Front recollections were penned by Mr Washburn, and it is our intention to add these to the Library of the Great War at a later date. Key sales points: Superb eyewitness account of the Russian armies in the field during the autumn and winter of 1914/15, penned by the Times newspaper's 'special correspondent' / Lively accounts cover all aspects of the war and the opposing armies, including firsthand descriptions of actions, battlefields and troops / Accompanied by over 50 rare photographs. Helion Library of the Great War - a series designed to bring into print rare books long out-of-print, as well as producing translations of important and overlooked material that will contribute to our knowledge of this conflict.


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