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Review of German Cruiser Warfare 1914 1918

Название: Review of German Cruiser Warfare 1914 1918
Издательство: Government Printing Ofiice
Страниц: 60
Формат: PDF
Размер: 17 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Год: 1940
Язык: английский

This monograph is a summary of information which may bear on the operations of German surface raiders. It is mainly based on the German Official History of Cruiser Warfare 1914-18 (Kreuzerkrieg, 3 Vols., I.D. Translation) which gives a detailed account of the operations of the Cruiser Squadron, the light cruisers Emden, Koenigsberg and Karlsruhe and the auxiliary cruisers Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, Cap Trafalgar, Kronprinz Wilhelm, Cormoran, Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Moewe (two cruises), Greif, Wolf, Seeadler and Leopard. The tonnage captured by each vessel, its length of cruise, theatre of operations, etc., are tabulated below.
All the above ships except the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, Moewe, Wolf, Seeadler, Greif and Leopard were already abroad when hostilities commenced. The first four of these successfully evaded the North Sea—Atlantic blockade, the Seeadler having been allowed to proceed after examination. The Moewe (twice) and Wolf also escaped the patrols on their homeward journeys. The Greif and Leopard were destroyed before reaching the oceanic routes as a result of special intelligence which may be considered as an exceptional factor of the last war. Further information bearing on the operations of the Cruiser Squadron and light cruisers will be found in Chapter II, and the auxiliary cruisers in Chapter III. Track charts of each vessel are included.

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