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A Magyar Kiralyi Honvedseg Egyenruhai 1926-1945

Автор: Laszlo Toth
Название: A Magyar Kiralyi Honvedseg Egyenruhai 1926-1945 (The Royal Hungarian Army Uniforms 1926-1945)
Издательство: Huniform Konyvek
ISBN: 9630675501
Год: 2007
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 150
Размер: 118
Язык: Hungarian

The book is the first study of the history of costumes, many years - archives, museums - the result of research, nearly a hundred, unpublished archival photographs complement. In the second part of three hundred or more readers can see color photograph, however, the animated story of Hungarian military attire. The pictures are only the original, full-dress to show you live models, so not only do we know it, what were the era uniforms, accessories, but also how to bear them, what the overall picture of providing a pedestrian, driver, knight, river supervisor or a gunner . You can see the Army officer corps of the company and its crew, outgoing, service, and practice at the front, winter and summer clothing, complete equipment, comes to life our fathers, our grandfathers youth, Hungarian army officer and soldier fighting for the hell of Eastern Front. 90 archival photos and 460 color photographs.


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