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Автор: Ellison Connie
Название: Christmas in Crochet
ISBN: 1592172415, 9781592172412
Формат: jpeg
Размер: 34МВ
Язык: Английский

Пледы, ангелочки, игрушки, санта и многое другое на рождественскую тему. A full compliment of clever Christmas designs will keep crocheters happily crafting through the cold months of winter. Six project-packed chapters offer every imaginable gift and holiday project: tree toppers, tree skirts, ornaments both whimsical and elegant, afghans, pillows, table settings, wall hangings, tissue toppers, angels, bookmarks, book covers, hats, scarves, mittens, shawls, gift baskets, games, stuffed toys, slippers, baby booties, and even a Santa hat. With this volume, crafters will never again be at a loss for Christmas projects.

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